Save Yourself (Before You Change Your Mind)

PSE Author, Tanya Mitchell Graham


Save Yourself

Before you change your mind

Save Yourself (Before You Change Your Mind) is a collection of daily affirmations, suggestions, insights, and musings, aimed to help the reader identify and ultimately successfully move on from a toxic relationship. The main theme of these daily inspirational and motivational thoughts is to help the reader find inner strength, inner love, and her own self-worth. The author relates many of these pieces of advice - daily sayings, advice, and thought-starters - to a strong sense of spirituality. Finding and recognizing God's role in your life can give you the strength to leave a bad relationship, and not only move on, but find happiness, be it alone or in a new relationship. The author varies the daily entries to include specific pieces of advice, personal thoughts, and reminders of God's role in the reader's life and relationships. The goal of the author is to help the reader find strength, happiness, and inner peace.

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Before You Change Your Mind


"Just when you thought nothing good is happening for you, here comes God, blowing your mind and blessing you in an instance! Stay motivated about God; He remains motivated about you!"


"You love too hard. You trust too much. You forgive too soon. This why you find yourself heartbroken again. Perhaps even by the same person?"


"It is completely okay to be angry when you come to the realization that your former mate was mentally abusive and controlling, and even worse, he was using you!"

Tanya Mitchell

Inspiration From Within

The author is a first-time writer who has spent almost three decades as a practicing Family Law attorney. For years, the author would encounter Female clients clients who were wildly successful in their professional careers, but the subject of constant verbal and mental abuse from a narcissistic husband or companion who she couldn't find the strength to leave. Then, after almost 17 years of marriage herself, the author realized that she, too, stayed in an unhealthy relationship for years longer than she should have. The author kept finding excuses to stay in a deplorable, toxic relationship until one day she decided that she had to save herself or die unhappy. This book outlines the author's daily struggle to ultimately find self-love and to finally make up her mind once and for all to save herself.

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